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Mental Health Advocacy

Supports in navigating the mental health service

Patients attending mental health services are at their most vulnerable and can find it difficult to navigate the system or have their voice heard in planning and implementing their care plan.  It can be overwhelming to feel the need to self-advocate in these circumstances.  The same is true for families and carers who can sometimes benefit from advice or support to ensure the best outcome for their loved one.

There are organisations who can help service-users in this situation.  One such is the voluntary organisation, Peer Advocacy in Mental Health.  The group is led by people who have personal experience of the mental health service and who therefore understand the concerns of service-users.  They work to enable people experiencing challenges to their mental health to self-advocate; in other words, supporting them in having their voice heard, helping them grow in confidence, and claim their rights.

Mental Health Campaigning

On a broader level, there are many organisations in the mental health arena who are passionate about mental health, and campaign for a fair and just, appropriately resourced mental health service.  3Ts are one such organisation.  We are members of Mental Health Reform who are an umbrella organisation of over 70 mental health & suicide prevention organisations.  Contact details are listed below. 

3Ts are proud members of Mental Health Reform, Ireland's leading national coalition of organisations campaigning to transform mental health and well-being supports in Ireland.  With over 70 members, the group campaigns and lobbies Government on all matters related to mental health.


Peer Advocacy in Mental Health is a voluntary organistion led by people with personal experience of mental health challenges. They provide peer advocacy, support and information for those with mental health difficulties. They work to Through their peer support, they support people to grow in confidence, have their voice heard, and claim their rights.

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