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safeTALK Training (Suicide Alertness for Everyone)

safeTALK,  or “Suicide Alertness for Everyone” is a half day, in-person workshop provided free of charge by 3Ts. Participants learn to help prevent suicide within the community, workplace, at home and more.  This internationally recognised training programme increases suicide alertness, preparing participants to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources & specialist support.  

3Ts is an accredited safeTALK training provider, approved by the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP).  We offer this training free of charge to interested groups, clubs, organisations and businesses.  safeTALK is suitable for participants aged 18 years or over and is suitable whether attendees are participating in a personal capacity or in a professional one. safeTALK is not suitable for participants who are recently bereaved by suicide (within previous 12 months). 

If you are interested in learning more or in organising a 3Ts safeTALK workshop for your workplace, college, community or other group, we would love to hear from you.  Please email 3Ts on or phone +353 1 2139905.

"3Ts SafeTALK training was well delivered & content was good. Trainers were patient, knowledgeable & empathetic.  Brilliant!"

Dublin City University (DCU) Student, Dublin 2022



START Online Training

START is an internationally recognised, evidence based programme and a very good place to begin with suicide prevention training. This online course is one of the LivingWorks range of suicide prevention training programmes.

START is a 1.5 hour long online training activity for individuals.  Participants are issued with a unique link to the training, and have 60 days to complete the training at their own pace and in their own time.  It doesn't have to be completed in one sitting.

This training is done under licence and is free of charge. If you would like to learn more or would like to register for START, please email 

Ohana Zero Suicide Online Training  

3TS is proud to support Ohana Zero Suicide Training which can help you to gain the skills to save a life. This training, which takes approximately 20 minutes,  focuses on breaking stigma and encouraging open conversations. 

The training will provide you with the tools to enable you to:   

  • Identify the signs that someone may be suicidal   
  • Employ the correct language in asking the appropriate questions 
  • Direct that person to the appropriate help.

It can be summarized as  ‘Show you Care, Ask the Question, Make the Call.’ 

This can help save lives. 

For further information on click here

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