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What do 3Ts do? 

  • Raise awareness of the issue of Suicide & Self-Harm.
  • Campaign Government to address the issue.
  • Raise funds to help prevent future deaths by Suicide.
  • Fund Research into Suicide.
  • Provide 3Ts funding and support to organisations working in areas of Suicide & Self-harm.
  • Deliver Suicide Prevention Training.
  • NOSP approved safeTALK training provider (Suicide Alertness for Everyone). 


When 3Ts was founded in 2003, suicide was a taboo.  But today, issues of suicide & mental health are more out in the open. Organisations including 3Ts work to positively effect change in public attitudes. A new generation is emerging without the same negative attitudes or stigma about mental illness or Suicide.  There is still a lot of work to be done. We need more understanding, more research and improved services. 3Ts continues to help raise awareness of the issues relating to suicide, the devastation it causes and the help available for those in crisis.


3Ts recognises the need for dedicated research into suicide to help inform national suicide prevention strategies. The charity strives to fund innovative research programmes such as the ground-breaking “Suicide in Ireland Survey”. This psycho-biological survey of lives lost to suicide was led by 3Ts co-founder, Prof Malone.  3Ts also funded research from the pilot DUMP programme, (Disposal of Medicines Properly programme) in collaboration with the HSE and Trinity College. Most recently we have funded a team at Trinity College School of Nursing and Midwifery in a study entitled: Accessing Help for Self-Harm & Suicidal Behaviour in the Emergency Dept. For a list & further information on 3Ts funded research to date.

Suicide Prevention Training

3Ts  promotes positive mental health and suicide alertness. Our facilitators provide safeTALK training Workshops (Suicide Alertness for Everyone). These are available free of charge to interested parties, businesses, community & sporting groups/organisations and more. 3Ts are NOSP approved providers of safeTALK training.

Fundraising & Awareness activities

3Ts engages in ad hoc fundraising activities. These cover a wide variety of events and activities and include working with supporters & third party fundraisers, raising funds and awareness.  Fundraising activities can vary from virtual challenges online, to running in a mini-marathon to holding a student information day or a Charity Ball.  Over the years, 3Ts has worked with a number of charity partners. Previous partnerships include SPAR Charity of the Year, SAGE, DAA Staff Charity of the Year, Noonan Facilities Management, and Athlone Institute of Technology. 

3Ts Grant & Funding Support of Other Organisations

The 3Ts promotes an ethos of support. This is extends to distributing a portion of funds raised across a variety of projects and organisations in the fields of suicide prevention, intervention & post-vention.  Over the years, 3Ts has donated considerable sums to  organisations ranging from small, local services, to larger groups providing support services countrywide. 

Government Lobbying

3Ts have lobbied successive Governments to address the issue of Suicide and to adequately resource the implementation the National Suicide Prevention strategy, Connecting for Life. Over the years, Governments have consistently failed to deliver on health. In hospitals, trolleys replaced beds for patients awaiting treatment in a system badly failing its public. Government paid lip service to mental health, as cases of self-harm & suicide continued to escalate.  Ireland is ill-equipped to cope with the mental health fallout of the coronavirus pandemic or an economic recession. Infrastructures were not put in place during boom times. 3Ts continues to lobby Government to consider new ways to address this issue.

Charitable Purpose

3Ts are committed to the promotion of health and voluntary work, the advance of education related to mental health & suicide and the advancement of community welfare and development. 3Ts Charitable Purpose of 3Ts as set out in our Memorandum & Articles of Association are to benefit the community by raising funds for:

  • The promotion and carrying out of research of suicide & depression.
  • Provide courses, lectures and conferences for the general public in connection with suicide & depression.
  • The promotion of bereavement support programmes.
  • The promotion of research of mental illness.


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