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Suicide Prevention Training

safeTALK Training (Suicide Alertness for Everyone)

If you were concerned that someone was suicidal, would you know how to approach the topic or what steps to take to get them to the help they need?  If you don't know where to start to safely have the conversation, you may be tempted to put it off.  But there is training available that can teach you in a matter of hours what to do if you're concerned for someone else.

SafeTALK or "Suicide Alertness for Everyone" is an internationally recognised half day in-person training programme that increases suicide alertness. It equips participants  to identify those at risk of suicide and teaches them how to connect them with suicide first-aid resources and specialist supports. Participants learn to help prevent suicide within their community, workplace, at home and more. 

3Ts provides this training workshop free of charge to interested groups and organisations.  Our fundraising activities cover the larger cost of the initiative. 

As an accredited safeTALK training provider, we've delivered this training to all sorts of businesses, sports clubs, community organisations, the Defence Forces, other NGOs such as the Simon Community and to third level colleges.  Those who benefit from this specialised suicide alertness training have been able to put their training into action in their homes and workplaces, sports clubs and wider communities.

"Before this training, I felt I'd be completely unprepared to deal with a situation of someone thinking of suicide, but now I feel much more confident."

3rd level college student, 2022

3Ts is approved by the National Office for Suicide Prevention to deliver safeTALK.

If you'd like to organise SafeTALK training in your college, your workplace, community, club or other organisation, we would be delighted to speak with you.  Just drop us a line by email to reach out to us on social media or call us on 01 2139905.  We can talk you through what's involved and how your group can benefit from this super training. 

"Informative, very easy to remember. All Individuals should get SafeTALK training".

Member of the Irish Defence Forces, 2014

Earn CPD Points 

safeTALK training participants can earn CPD Points (Continuing Professional Development). Check out our table below to see if you qualify. 

Professional Body


Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP)3.5 Points
Psychological Society of Ireland2 Points
Irish College of Paramedics1 Point per hour of learning (3.5)
Irish College of General Practitioners3.5 Points
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI)Approved - 4 CEUs



Ohana Zero Suicide Training

3Ts is proud to support Ohana Zero Suicide Training, an online training programme that can help you to gain the skills to save a life. The training, which takes just 20 minutes or so, focuses on breaking stigma and encouraging open conversations.

Ohana Zero Suicide training will provide you with the tools to enable you to:

  • Identify the signs that someone may be suicidal.
  • Employ the correct language in asking the appropriate questions.
  • Direct that person to the appropriate help.

Participants learn to 'Show you Care, Ask the Question, Make the Call'.  These simple steps can help save lives.

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