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One Kind Word

#OneKindWord: public information campaign

In early 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic hit our shores, 3Ts launched our One Kind Word campaign to encourage more kindness in everyday life and highlight the positive impact of kindness on mental health. Little did we know that kindness would soon become a bye-word for the times as the country felt the impact of the lockdown that ensued. 

One Kind Word is a 3ts positive mental health initiative. We worked with acclaimed Irish artist and activist, Will St Leger, to create a ‘One Kind Word’ street art mural right at the heart of Dublin City centre, on Middle Abbey Street. This back-to-basics campaign aimed to remind us all of the positive impact that simple kindness can have on others. 

Through it, we sought to promote a more pronounced social consciousness of the power that kindness can have on our own and on others’ mental health.   We can each change someone's day for the better – including our own – by finding a kind word to say, both online and in real life.

And always remember #OneKindWord before you post or comment on social media and in your everyday face-to-face conversations and communications. It's good to be kind. And it feels good to be kind too. 

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One Kind Word Street Art Abbey St Dubin 1
Screenshot our little gif to find your One Kind Word of the Day.  Try to use it as much as you can today.  Kindness breeds kindness and empathy. Follow our campaign on social media and highlight any kindnesses you come across with our hashtag #OneKindWord. 
Do a screengrab to find your One Kind Word today
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