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Outcomes of Mindfulness & Mental Health Interventions

The Preliminary Outcomes of Mindfulness and Mental Health Interventions Across Deis and Non Deis Schools: Byrne M. (2016)

Final year DBS psychology student, Michelle Byrne, undertook this research with the support of 3Ts.  The focus was to measure the impact of talks delivered to students in secondary schools.  A 3Ts facilitator delivered proposed interventions to pupils over the course of the research project. 3Ts have found increasing requests for our 3TsTALKs in secondary school settings and whilst we do not actively seek opportunities within school settings, this report has provided us with an evidence base to support programme delivery when invited to do so by schools.  The research found that participation in Mindfulness and Mental-Health interventions significantly lowered levels of stress and anxiety and increased levels of Mindfulness Awareness, supporting existing research regarding engagement in regular Mindfulness practice and Mental Health discussions, having beneficial effects on individual’s wellbeing.

TCD-3ts Emergency Dept Report PDF | 2.71MB
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