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Suicide Prevention Authority

Suicide Prevention Authority - Government Lobbying Campaign 

More people die by Suicide in Ireland every day than die on our roads, yet suicide prevention gets only a fraction of the amount of funding that is spent on road safety. And so, the reality for many in crisis is a lack of services when they need them most.  

3Ts has called on successive governments to tackle the issue of Suicide in Ireland and believes that only a Suicide Prevention Authority similar in structure to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) can deliver an effective solution. 35,000 people signed 3Ts petition in support of our call for a Suicide Prevention Authority, yet Government continues to ignore our call.

Why a Suicide Prevention Charity?

The RSA identified shortcomings and drove a cultural shift in attitudes to road safety in Ireland,  from seat belts to drink driving, infrastructural development to regulatory changes.  We need a similar cultural shift on the issue of self harm & suicide. A Suicide Prevention Authority could drive & co-ordinate this,  through education, infrastructure, technology, licencing & regulation, finance and beyond. 

A full copy of our Draft Suicide Authority Bill can be downloaded here along with a separate Explanatory Memorandum

Watch our video below to find out more about why we believe a Suicide Prevention Authority can help.  Sadly this video from our archives still rings through today.   

3Ts Archives: Suicide Authority Street Art Campaign
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