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Do You Feel Suicidal?

Do you feel Suicidal? 

When you feel depressed or suicidal, problems don’t seem temporary.  They feel overwhelming & permanent.  But, with time, you will feel better, especially if you reach out for help….

Read on if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Reach Out – Talk

Be assured there are many people who would like to support you during this difficult time, so please reach out for help!  Your family & friends would do anything to help you if you were drowning or in an accident, so tell them now if your life is in danger from suicide. 

Talk to someone you trust or talk to a helpline service

If you prefer to speak anonymously, call a crisis helpline such as the Samaritans (Freephone 116 123) or talk in confidence to your GP or health professional.  For additional helpline numbers click here.

Get Emergency Help if needed

A suicidal person needs to see a doctor or health professional immediately; visit your GP or local hospital A & E or Call 999.

Have someone with you

If you feel Suicidal, try to have someone with you.  Have a friend or family member spend the night with you if possible.  In the morning services can be utilised to help you.

Avoid Alcohol or Drugs

If you feel suicidal, avoid alcohol or drugs.  They blur logic and let emotions and impulses take over. If you feel low, drugs or alcohol can drastically exaggerate these impulses and distort how bad things are.

Dispose of means

Dispose of any means you were/are considering using.  Reducing access to means is a practical & positive step if you feel particularly low. 

What would you tell a friend who felt Suicidal?

Tell yourself or write down what you would tell a friend who was feeling suicidal.

Other people felt Suicidal but are now glad to be alive

Try to remember this.  It’s true.  This is the outcome in nearly every single case, and is likely to be for you too. Although the pain is unbearable now, these suicidal feelings can be temporary; this can be an impulse that will pass.

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