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3Ts collaborate on new initiative to promote positive mental health with teenagers & their parents

Introduction and Background

The Parents Plus Adolescent Programme (PPAP) & the Working Things Out Programme (WTO) initiative  is a collaboration between Parents Plus & the 3Ts charity and brings teenagers & their parents together to work pro-actively on positive mental health. The programmes are evidence based and promote positive mental health and communication in families, thus reducing the risk of more entrenched mental health problems amongst young people, especially those who might be vulnerable or identified as at risk.  It aims to build the coping skills of young people and show them how to seek help at a time of crisis.  Uniquely the programme is family centred and shows parents how to attend to the mental health needs of their children (as well as their own) and thus has the potential to improve parental mental health and well-being and improve family relationships.

Project Details

The project involves the combined delivery in selected school settings of the

1)    Parents Plus Adolescents programme (PPAP) – a group based parenting course that teaches relationship building, positive communication, and conflict resolution skills;

2)    Working Things Out programme (WTO) – a small group mental health intervention for young people, that promotes positive mental health and builds coping capacity and communication skills.

School staff will select a cohort of young people who may benefit from the participation in the project. This cohort can include young people who may have specific emotional/behavioural problems or who are identified as being at risk of mental health problems. The young people will be invited to attend the WTO group and their parents will be invited to attend the PPAP group.

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