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Kickstart 2023: 3Ts January (or anytime) Challenge



Make January Count or do it anytime

Taking small steps to improve our physical & mental wellbeing is a great way to kickstart the year or to help recharge anytime.  Getting into a new routine, creating healthy new habits and taking action, however imperfect or however small, can make all the difference to how we get through the winter months or other tough times during the year.

So, we’re suggesting you challenge yourself in some way – big or small.  Take on a 30-day challenge of your own choice.  It can be anything – getting more regular exercise, making more time for family or friends, giving something up or starting a new activity. Whether it’s a walk first thing to catch the sunrise or 10,000 steps a day, Dry January or Veganuary, Couch to 5k, just running to the first lamp post on your road or just taking the hillier walk - we guarantee that whatever you decide to do, you will feel the benefit both physically and mentally.

You can, of course, raise money for 3Ts while you’re at it. We cannot deny that every little helps and you can help others too.  But start with yourself.  We’ve listed some ideas below, but it’s up to you to choose the challenge that suits you.  

  • 10,000 Steps a Day – proven to improve overall mental health & well-being in participants. Easy to incorporate into your day. You do 2,000 steps anyway in 30 mins around the supermarket! 
  • Get moving - get started and build up your stamina to by walking, jogging, or running. Find a running mate or sign up for a Couch to 5k to help your motivation.
  • Dry January – an alcohol-free month really does wonders for your body and your mood. Easier than it sounds. 
  • Veganuary or Veguary - we all know the benefits of a more plant-based diet for our health and for the planet. If it’s too big a step, try half & half or a weekday/weekend combo.
  • Get on your Bike! Use your daily commute / trip to the shops as opportunity to exercise.
  • Meditate / Mindfulness breathing – dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes a day for a month. Call it your "Me Time".
  • No Coffee - Skip the coffee & donate the cost of your daily cuppa.
  • Give up smoking / vapes – it’s hard but worth it. Donate even a portion of your daily spend to 3Ts.
  • Turn off your Tech – no social media / TV / computers / Netflix etc. past 6pm.  You’ll be surprised how much time you have for other good stuff. 
  • Learn to Swim – do adult lessons at your local authority pool or local gym or sports club. It’s a skill for life.
  • Sea Swimming – it’s free and you can become part of a growing community of year-round sea swimmers.  At this time of year, a wetsuit or swimming booties, gloves and a hat will make it easier and safer.
  • Join a Class -  yoga, spinning or pilates class, or an art, cookery, music, creative writing, language, mechanics, tech or anything class!  Whatever you're interested in...

Share progress with friends and family

Sharing your 3Ts Challenge with others will encourage you to maintain momentum.  So, share across your social media and tell your friends & family. Post regular updates. The more people who know about your challenge, the more will encourage you and "keep you honest!"  You might even encourage others to take on their own challenge. 

Fundraise online

If you’d like to fundraise for 3Ts, thank you! You can set up a fundraising page on iDonate or on Facebook Fundraiser or on your preferred fundraising platform


Success rarely comes from the daily task but builds up by consistently doing something positive. Reboot yourself in a positive way. Raise funds for 3Ts so we can actively work towards better mental health. 

Your story matters...

Please do tell us your story - we’d love to hear from you. 


  • Register:  to register on iDonate for the January 3Ts Challenge, follow this link
  • More Info: on what we do and why to fundraise for us, read more here
  • How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser: for info check out this link.  

For any further information, DM us on Insta or Facebook, email:, or call +353 1 2139905


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