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Sign up for VHI Womens 2023 Mini Marathon



Join this year’s Vhi Women's Mini Marathon on Bank Holiday Sunday 4th June.

Register for this year's race and come together with women from all over Ireland and beyond to experience the largest all-womens event of its kind in the world.   

Run, walk or jog 10km.

Why not get together with your friends and family and join thousands of women for a weekend of fun and laughter, fitness and fundraising in Dublin city centre! 

Early bird is now open and will close next Monday 6th at midnight.   
Beannachtaí na féile oraibh!  

Register for the VHI Womens Mini-Marathon and set up your own 3Ts fundraising page!

Visit VHI Womens’ Mini Marathon website to register for the race.  Then nip over to Given Gain or your favourite online fundaising platform to set up a 3Ts fundraising page or to make a donation.  If you’d like to receive a 3ts t-shirt, DM us on 

Best of luck with the training and big thanks for considering 3Ts.

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