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30/11/2022 - 11:00 - 16:00

Share the Load at DKITJoint Initiative Highlights Mental Health Resources on Campus

Following a chronic two year period of  Pandemic related remote learning and non-interaction with other students and peers, the Students’ Union at NUI Maynooth invited Suicide Prevention and Mental Health charity 3ts to hosted their ‘Share the Load’ activity on campus this week.

‘Share the Load’ is a public display of 137 backpacks, representing the average number of college students who have died by suicide in Ireland each year over the past 10 years according to CSO statistics (*2019)

“The objective of the initiative was to demonstrate that there is help available on Campus for anyone who might be struggling with their mental health” said MSU VP Kealan Hilley. 

“This is an especially important time for first and second year students, many of whom have only recently set foot on actual campus for the first time recently.  ‘Share the Load’ encourages conversation about the impact of suicide in colleges, urging students to connect with services on Campus in addition to letting them know that MSU is here for them” they said.

 Speaking on behalf of 3ts, Lise Alford said

“We are delighted to be invited to work MSU as part of their Mental Health & Wellbeing commitment to Students.  The premise of ‘Share the Load’ is that it is a two-way message.  Firstly, it is designed to assure those in need of help of the benefits of speaking with someone and highlights the important listening and counselling resources available to them.  Secondly, it is a reminder to us all that if we feel a friend or a loved one might be struggling, that it is okay to ask them “do you need help?” – effectively to invite them to share the load.

The 3TS website is a great source of helpful information & resources on suicide and a variety of mental health topics. We recently upgraded our website and we would urge those seeking further information to visit  Here you’ll find clear guides, comprehensive service listings and useful advice on approaching the topic whether you’re concerned for yourself or for another person”.

For a information and a comprehensive listing of  Crisis Helplines & Specialist Support Services click here


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