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Funding Support

For groups and organisations working in areas of suicide, self harm & mental health

3Ts uses its expertise and fundraising abilities to identify and provide much needed funding support to other agencies & organisations working at the coalface in suicide prevention, mental health & related areas. Individual grants range from €3,000 up to €110,000 to any one organisation in any given year.

In recent years, the 1Life Helpline was the main beneficiary of 3Ts funding, made possible in part by the SPAR Charity of the Year initiative.  1Life has now ceased operations, with callers directed to the Samaritans. However, in addition to funding 1Life during this period, smaller grants were made to selected organisations.

Parents Plus Collaboration

From 2014 for a period of 3 years, the primary beneficiary of 3Ts funding will be the Parents Plus Charity.  3Ts have partnered with Parents Plus to roll out the Parents Plus & Working Things Out programmes for parents & teenagers.  Read more here.

Previous organisations in receipt of 3Ts funding

Since its foundation in 2003, many organisations have benefited from 3Ts funding, whether through one-off donations or annual funding support, including:

  • Aislinn Centre for Adolescent Addiction (with DAA Staff Charity of Year)
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Ireland)
  • Aware
  • National Suicide Bereavement Support Network
  • 1Life Suicide Helpline (now ceased operation)
  • Collin Project (Northern Ireland)
  • Console –  Child Psychotherapy Unit & Programme Schools/Colleges (now closed & liquidated)
  • Irish Association of Suicidology
  • IASP International Assoc. Suicide Prevention Conference Killarney August 07
  • Living Life Counselling – Co Wicklow
  • Living Links National (Volunteer Training Programme)
  • Mater Hospital Foundation
  • National Suicide Research Foundation
  • Parents Plus & Working Things Out Programmes (Mater Foundation & Parents Plus Charity)
  • Pieta House (with DAA Staff Charity of Year)
  • RISE Foundation
  • Samaritans
  • SHINE (and previously Schizophrenia Ireland)
  • SOS – Suicide or Survive (with DAA Staff Charity of Year)
  • SpunOut.ie
  • St Vincents University Hospital
  • Talk to Tom
  • TeenLine Ireland Helpline
  • Temple Street S.P.A.C.E (Self Harm: support programme for parents & carers)
  • Wexford Marine Watch