Volunteers Needed for Limerick Late Night Suicide Prevention Service

A NEW SUICIDE PREVENTION SERVICE is to open in Limerick within the next month.  The Haven Hub are seeking volunteers to staff the Centre which will be open on Henry Street in Limerick city from 8pm to 4am.

The Haven Hub is intended to be a place for people contemplating suicide or having thoughts about self-harm to go for support and to receive information on the local services available to them.  Volunteers would ideally be ASIST-trained, although this training can be provided.  Volunteers may themselves have had issues with suicide or mental health in the past, however, the role is not suitable for volunteers who have been effected within the past two years. 

A steering committee has been formed with representatives from a number of mental health and suicide prevention organisations including Grow, the Samaritans, Limerick Mental Health Association, Land Search and Rescue, and Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention, as well as representatives of service-users and families affected by suicide.

The committee is also looking for professionals such as accountants, solicitors and psychologists, who would share their expertise with the Hub.

Learn more about the plans or how you can volunteer here , follow The Haven Hub on Facebook or email for further information to: LimerickHavenHub@gmail.com.

October 2019