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Irish Research Council Funding Award for 3Ts & TCD for important research study

Front Cover of Research Report3Ts in partnership with Trinity College Dublin are delighted to be recipients of an Irish Research Council New Foundations grant award.  The grant will help fund Phase 2 of our important research study “Accessing help for self-harm & suicidal behaviour in the mergency department”.   This research is led by Dr Louise Doyle of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Trinity College Dublin, and has already provided valuable insights into the user experience attending A&E for suicidal behaviours and self-harm.  

Phase 2: Family / Carers’ Experience

Phase 2 can now progress to study the viewpoint of families & carers of people attending A&E with these behaviours.  We hope the findings will help inform future developments in crisis care for self-harm, suicidal behaviours and other mental health crises. 

If you would like to read more about our findings in Phase 1, please click here.  

Our thanks to the Irish Research Council and to Dr Louise Doyle & her team at TCD. 

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