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Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide

Samaritans Ireland Update Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide

Samaritans Ireland have revised and updated their excellent Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide.  

These Guidelines aim to support those in the media industry to safely report and represent suicide & mental health.  Careless reporting can lead to imitational suicidal behaviour among vulnerable people.  Explicit descriptions of method, or sensational or excessive reporting, can do more harm than good.  The guide covers everything from basic terminology to more expansive guidance. 

In revising this Guide, the Samaritans acknowledge that the media landscape is an ever-changing one.  The expansion of online and social media has overtaken traditional news media as an information source. So it is vital that responsible reporting, whatever the medium, embraces these guidelines. This is a valuable and important source of guidance for news media and those involved in the education and training of news professionals. The guidelines are simple, clear and accessible.  And adhering to them will undoubtedly save lives.

Find the Samaritans Ireland Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide here.