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Get your 3Ts Wristband Now!

3Ts Wristbands now available ……

How do you like our new 3Ts Wristbands?  Gorgeous, aren’t they!

€1 each + p&p

3Ts wristbands are available to anyone who makes a donation to 3Ts.  To donate, simply click here and use the Donate Now option on the right hand side.  You can specify the amount you wish to donate, simply the cost of one band, or as much or as little as you can afford (choose the “Other” amount option).  As you make your donation, when you click the green “Donate Now” button, you will be given a message option, so please remember to complete this section by adding a message “wristband” with your name & address (otherwise we won’t know where to send the band!).  If you would like to receive more than one wristband, please indicate so in your message.  Prices are listed below.

The minimum donation to receive a wristband is €2.00 (€1 per band + p&p) and if you require additional wristbands, see prices below.  Of course you can donate any amount and we would be delighted if you are in a position to donate a little more than the wristband cost!  Every little helps.

€1.60 inc P & P

Quantity of Wristbands                   Cost inc. P & P

1-10                                      €1 per band + €1 P & P

11-29                                    €1 per band + €3.00 P & P

If you would like to purchase a larger quantity, simply contact the 3Ts office on 01 2139905 or email: 3ts@alburn.com.

And remember, 3Ts Wristbands can be used to supplement any fundraising activity in aid of 3Ts.  If you have a fundraising idea and would like to get involved in fundraising in aid of 3Ts, we’d love to hear from you.  Just contact us on 01 2139905 or email: info@3ts.ie.