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Self Help

Many of us struggle to cope at different points in our lives.  It may be through bereavement, relationship problems, job loss, stress, anxiety or any number of mental illnesses or circumstances.

Whilst support is essential to managing these challenges and maintaining your mental health, there are many simple steps you can take to enhance your functioning and well-being.  One option is Self Help.  This refers to your ability to use your own resources and efforts to achieve positive change in your life and improve your mental health.  These changes may include a new exercise regime, simple diet changes, changing focus, working on your self-esteem or practicing meditation.  Most people do actually know, at some level, what changes they might need to make, but first steps toward emotional help are often the hardest to take.  Perhaps you have been feeling stressed, depressed or anxious.  There are simple steps we can take to address negative and destructive thoughts, feelings or bodily sensations.  Simply learning a little bit more about your mental health and how you function can help you take control and make positive and long-lasting changes to your life.

In this section, 3Ts focus on a range of tools and activities that contribute to mental health & well being.

3Ts Self Help Guides 

In this section you will find an eLibrary of easy to use 3Ts Self-Help booklets, covering a selection of topics that effect our mental health.  The booklets are free to download, and each covers a specific topic, providing information, tools & techniques to help maximise your mental health and help you take the first steps on that road to recovery.  

Suggested Reading

If you have an appetite for further reading on a mental health issue,  visit our Suggested Reading page for a list of helpful reads and to learn also about of the “Power of Words” Bibliotherapy scheme available through your GP or your local library.    Click on the links above to learn more.

VIDEO LIBRARY:  Our series of mental health videos applies the 3STEPS model to specific mental health issues, looking at the warning signs of specific mental health issues, exploring ways to approach the topic and how to access specialist supports or crisis help.  For anyone unsure about how to start a conversation about mental health, their concerns for themselves or for another, these videos could be a good place to start.  See links below.  The series can also be viewed on JamesMitchellTV on YouTube.


Exercise & Mental Health

We all know the importance of exercise for our physical health & wellbeing, but did you know that exercise is a great tool in achieving and maintaining good mental health too.  Incorporating simple lifestyle changes into your everyday life can help you not only feel better, but can help in the treatment of depression. Read more here.

Talk to your GP or a significant other

3Ts are advocates of self help and self management of mental health, however, if you believe you may be suffering from an enduring mental health problem, your GP is the best person to talk to in the first instance.  If you are under 18 years of age, please talk to your parent or guardian about using self help literature and other appropriate steps to take.