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3STEPS to Mental Health

Day to day life can be difficult, bringing challenges to our mental health & wellbeing.   Our 3Ts 3Steps to Mental Health is a simple programme which aims to help in understanding mental illness, suggest ways to approach the topic if you are concerned for someone and how to access crisis and specialist supports.

What are the 3STEPS?

  • Know the Signs
  • Know the Words
  • Know your Supports


3STEPS aims to help with understanding of mental illness and with guides on what to do if you have concerns, how to approach a conversation about mental illness and how to access supports.  The 3STEPs campaign informs much of our activities.

3Ts 3STEPS Wallet Card: Our little pocket size card is a simple, practical guide on what to do if you are concerned that someone is suicidal, with the process broken down into our 3STEPS.  Currently featured as “Brochure of the Month” on www.healthbrochures.ie, an online resource for GPs, hospitals etc countrywide. Email us your address on info@3ts.ie if you would to receive a card.  Download your copy here.

VIDEO LIBRARY:  Our YouTube video series called “T-TiME” applies the 3STEPS model to specific mental health issues, looking at the warning signs of specific mental health issues, exploring ways to approach the topic and how to access specialist supports or crisis help:

  • Anxiety & Panic
  • Depression & Low Mood
  • Stress
  • Self Harm
  • General Mental Health Issues
  • Hope: its Role in Mental Health
  • Bereavement by Suicide
  • Counselling: What is it? 
  • Concern for Someone
  • Concern for Yourself

For anyone unsure about how to start a conversation about mental health and their concerns for themselves or for another, then these videos could be a good place to start.  The series can be viewed on www.3ts.ie and on JamesMitchellTV on YouTube.

3TSTALKS: The 3STEPS theme also informs the mental health talks & workshops 3Ts delivers to schools, third level colleges, professional bodies and other interested groups & organisations. All attendees learn the 3STEPS model. If you would like to organise a workshop, please email us on info@3ts.ie.

So take the time to familiarise yourself with the 3STEPS.  Learn what to look out for, how to approach the issue and how to access suitable supports.  You could just make that very important difference to someone just when they need it.