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CSR Charity Partnerships

Corporate  Social Responsibility & Charity Partnerships

 chambers ireland award winner

Winners 2012 Chambers Ireland Award 

“Excellence in Community – Partnership with Charity”

3Ts has extensive experience of working in partnership with corporate bodies, businesses & event management companies in Charity Partnerships, Staff Charity of the Year initiatives and also as designated charity for ad hoc events. We are always open to exploring new collaborations and partnerships, not only to raise funds for our work but also to find ways that our charity can help support &  foster a positive mental health culture in your workplace and educate your staff on the issue of suicide in Ireland.

In 2012, 3Ts were nominated for awards for two distinct partnerships in the Chambers Ireland Award for  “Excellence in Community – Partnership with Charity” – for  its DAA Staff Charity of the Year partnership and for its SPAR BWG Charity of the Year partnership.  3Ts were award winners for the SPAR BWG charity partnership, a partnership held since 2009.

However all partnerships are winners in our eyes, and DAA and SPAR BWG partnerships were hugely successful, both in raising funding for the charity and in raising awareness of the issue and of the help that is available to those in need.

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If you would like to talk to us about how we can collaborate with your organisation, please email us on info@3ts.ie or phone 01 2139905.