10 Oct 2018 World Mental Health Day: Share the Load

To mark World Mental Health Day  2018 3Ts visited IADT (Institute of Art, Design and Technology) in Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin, with our 3Ts Share the Load installation.

On average every year in Ireland, 124 people of college-going age die by suicide.  On a beautiful autumnal morning, we laid 124 backpacks on the lawns of IADT, each representing a life lost to suicide in this age bracket.

The aim of Share the Load is to raise awareness of the issue of suicide and the importance of our mental health amongst the students.  3Ts work with the IADT Students Union, with the Welfare & Equality Officer and the Education Officer, in order to inform students of the supports that are available on-campus.  We aim to educate them on recognising the signs, how to approach the topic and how to access supports through our 3Ts 3STEPS wallet cards. 

3Ts Share the Load installation provides students with an opportunity to acknowledge that mental health & suicide are major issues for young people in general.  

If you would like to arrange for Share the Load at your college, please contact info@3ts.ie or call 01-2139905.  Or if you have any other ideas, we would love to hear from you.