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3TS Blog

  • St Patrick’s Weekend: Enjoy the Festivities in Moderation….

    St Patrick’s Day has become a time of celebration & over-indulgence for many, with parties & gatherings, which for many can mean a constant round of drinks.   Where for a previous generation, it was a day when you donned ...more

  • International Women’s Day: Women’s Mental Health

    “Remember, not feeling bad is not the same as feeling good” Research indicates that women are twenty to forty percent more likely to struggle with mental ill health than men. The introspective women amongst us may turn our gaze inwards ...more

  • Bodywhys: Eating Disorders Awareness Week

    To mark Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2014 (EDAW14), we’re delighted to welcome Bodywhys: The Eating Disorder Association of Ireland to our 3Ts Blog. We asked Bodywhys to tell us just what it means to have an eating disorder in Irish ...more

  • Healing from the Base: Prof Kevin Malone

    To mark the launch of our 3Ts Blog, and kick-off our series of Guest Expert contributions, we invited eminent psychiatrist and co-founder of 3Ts, Prof Kevin Malone MD, to tell us about just one of the ground-breaking research projects he ...more

  • 3Ts Blog Image

    To Blog or not to Blog? That is the Question….

      The Answer?  Welcome to the 3Ts Blog!  We’re a small Irish suicide prevention charity with big ideas and plenty to say, so we’re taking our first steps into the Blogosphere to share with you some of our news, views ...more