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3TS Blog

  • All Aboard The Friendship

    Friendship is essential to our survival and well-being. As children, we were familiar with the sound of a friendly knock at the front door. We would open it to find an eager looking pal covered in mud, inviting us to ...more

  • 3Ts Top 10 Quotes for Tough Times

    When times become tough and we encounter the unexpected, sometimes we need a reminder of our inner strength, making us realise that we aren’t the only ones who have gone through a rough patch. We hope these quotes will provide ...more

  • Let’s Talk About Men in Mental Health

    Many factors dictate our behaviour and how we cope with what life throws our way. Our relationships and environment can explain our patterns of coping. Some believe that when we are born, we are blank canvases ready to be designed ...more

  • Run for the Hills in aid of 3Ts

    Weekend of 13th June 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer, Regina O’Reilly, is taking to the hills of Co Monaghan on 13th of June next when she will run 2.5 marathons in 3 days in aid of 3Ts – with a little ...more

  • HAVE YOUR SAY on Suicide: Call for submissions for new National Suicide Prevention Framework

    As part of the development of a new National Framework for Suicide Prevention for Ireland, the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention wants to hear from members of the public, particularly those with an interest in suicide prevention and those ...more

  • A Mindful Easter Meditation: Chocolate Style….

    CARE TO TRY A CHOCCIE MEDITATION? Make a virtue out of something so nice…. * Pick up your wrapped chocolate. DON’T unwrap it yet. * Place it in the palm of your hand. Notice the colours & shapes on the ...more

  • 3 Top Tips for Emotional Spring Cleaning

      It’s that time of year again when we become ruthless about the house. As you rummage under the bed, in kitchen drawers and in the depths of the wardrobe, you think to yourself “What was I thinking?..”What is that?” ...more

  • Alcohol Awareness Week: 31 Mar-4 Apr 2014

    If we are serious about improving mental health in Ireland, we need to be serious about reducing Drinking. To mark Alcohol Awareness Week 2014, we asked Suzanne Costello, CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland, to write about the role alcohol plays ...more

  • St Patrick’s Weekend: Enjoy the Festivities in Moderation….

    St Patrick’s Day has become a time of celebration & over-indulgence for many, with parties & gatherings, which for many can mean a constant round of drinks.   Where for a previous generation, it was a day when you donned ...more

  • International Women’s Day: Women’s Mental Health

    “Remember, not feeling bad is not the same as feeling good” Research indicates that women are twenty to forty percent more likely to struggle with mental ill health than men. The introspective women amongst us may turn our gaze inwards ...more