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3TS Blog

  • EXAMS! 6 Things To Remember During Exams

    Exams are just exams While they are important markers of where we are at academically, they don’t say anything about us as people. A percentage, grade or number of points will never reflect all that is you. What’s done is ...more

  • How can I help a friend or family member who self harms

    It may help to: Discuss with them the idea of seeing a The GP or healthcare professional is a good first port of call for this. Recognise how distressed the person is even if they don’t seem to be. Encourage ...more

  • Managing Family Conflict over Christmas

    Christmas can be a flashpoint for conflict amongst families and friends, sometimes exacerbated by alcohol. There may be a very real underlying cause, there may be ongoing differences or it may just be a case of misunderstanding. At such times, ...more

  • Older People at Christmas: help make it memorable

      Help Make Christmas Happy & Memorable for the Older People in your Life.  The build up to Christmas can be overwhelming for some.  Offering to lend a hand addressing Christmas cards or writing letters or e-mails to friends and ...more

  • Stress at Christmas

    Christmas is a fantastic time of year. It’s a great opportunity to connect with loved ones, rest and reflect on the last year. However, around about this time it is easy to feel heightened emotion and stress. Take it easy ...more

  • How Foods can lift your Moods…

    Christmas can be a time of over-indulgence in food & drink, with lots of extra sweets, treats & eats around and more leisure time to dig in.  But it’s important to remember to balance those mince pies & puddings with ...more

  • Imagine Communications Fundraiser takes the Biscuit!

    It’s ok to have fun at work!  Read how one company managed to have their Cake and eat it too, fundraising for 3Ts! We love hearing from our fundraisers and learning how they let their imagination can run riot in coming up with ...more

  • All Aboard The Friendship

    Friendship is essential to our survival and well-being. As children, we were familiar with the sound of a friendly knock at the front door. We would open it to find an eager looking pal covered in mud, inviting us to ...more

  • 3Ts Top 10 Quotes for Tough Times

    When times become tough and we encounter the unexpected, sometimes we need a reminder of our inner strength, making us realise that we aren’t the only ones who have gone through a rough patch. We hope these quotes will provide ...more

  • Let’s Talk About Men in Mental Health

    Many factors dictate our behaviour and how we cope with what life throws our way. Our relationships and environment can explain our patterns of coping. Some believe that when we are born, we are blank canvases ready to be designed ...more