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3TS Blog

  • Alcohol & You: during COVID19

    Is your alcohol consumption increasing during COVID-19? Time to take control and create new habits. Learn more here.

  • Bereavement & Loss during COVID-19

    If you have lost a loved one during this time, our sincere condolences to you.  It’s tough to mourn the loss of a loved one at any time.  But bereavement & loss during the COVID-19 pandemic throws up a whole ...more

  • COVID-19: Steps to Protect Mental Wellness

    April 2020 There are major changes happening on a near daily basis during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it’s little wonder many of us are feeling worried, anxious, scared, stressed, or on edge. But while we all make changes to help ...more

  • COVID-19: Minding your Mental Health

    As we embark on the battle against COVID-19, we’re all focusing on keeping physically healthy. But an infectious disease outbreak the scale of the coronavirus (COVID-19), is worrying and stressful for us all. Everyone is concerned, maybe for themselves or ...more

  • Counselling: What to expect when you go to your first Counselling Session

    Are you considering counselling for the first time? Unsure what to expect? Here with explore what to expect at your first counselling session.

  • #OneKindWord

    #onekindword: start the conversation

    #onekindword: suicide charity 3ts collaborate with Irish Artist & Activist, Will St Leger, to incorporate more kindness into our lives. It can make all the difference to someone who is going through a tough time. In this video, Will shares his inspiration for his artwork and the message behind it. Here, Will speaks to us about his inspiration for the artwork and how a little more kindness from each of us can make a big difference to others, particularly those who may be struggling in their lives. 

  • General Election 2020: Make mental health a priority

    Irish mental health services are underfunded, under resourced and cannot meet current demand. As voters, we have an opportunity NOW to ask general election candidates to prioritise mental health and to work to improve services. But what are the issues and what is the "ASK"? In 3Ts Blog, Mental Health Reform outline the issues and provide guidelines and tools to help us make a difference to mental health. The more of us who support Mental Health Reform's General Election 2020 Campaign, the louder our voices will be and the harder to ignore.  

  • safeTALK Training: a personal experience

    3Ts advocate Kate Leone shares her experience of safeTALK suicide prevention training, and talks about how she applied the skills in her personal life.

  • Managing Stress at Christmas

    Christmas: Reduce Holiday Stress

    T'is the season to be jolly but sometimes Christmas is a time of stress. Here we explore ways to manage our stress levels and make the most of the Christmas season.

  • International Mens Day

    Putting men in MENtal health

    Today is International Men’s Day so we’re going to talk about men’s mental health. For many men, talking about mental health can feel unnatural. Who can I trust? When is a good time to bring it up? How much should ...more