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#onekindword: start the conversation


Street Art in the heart of Dublin by Acclaimed Irish Artist Will St.Leger #onekindword

At 3TS, we’d like to make 2020 a kinder, more caring year. We all need a little more kindness in our lives.  It can make a big difference to our day. So, we’re asking you to incorporate “One Kind Word” into your day-to-day life, both in real life and online.

Take the time to say something nice to someone as you go through your day. Take the time to think before you post online. Think about the impact your words can have on someone else. 


To start the conversation, we teamed up with acclaimed Irish Artist & Activist, Will St Leger, to bring this positive mental health message to life with a dedicated artwork in the heart of Dublin City. We’d love passers-by to share one kind word with someone over the course of their day, to share the message online or apply it to their everyday activities.

Here, Will speaks to us about his inspiration for the artwork and how a little more kindness from each of us can make a big difference to others, particularly those who may be struggling in their lives. 


We all know what it feels like to go through a tough time.  We also know how a simple act of kindness or one kind word, can give us a little lift when we’re feeling like that.  It can change our day for the better.  For someone struggling, that small kindness can make a big difference and have a lasting impact on their life.  At its extreme, we’ve all heard of people in suicidal crisis who have been positively impacted by the kindness of strangers.  But it can be a simple act of just trying to be kind or kinder in our everyday lives. 

Kindness is a quality we’re all capable of – we know how it feels to be kind and how good it feels when someone is kind to us.  It’s simple to do, yet can be powerful, leaving a on our own mental health and other people’s. 

Will’s artwork faces directly onto the Red Line Luas track at the corner of Liffey Street and Middle Abbey Street.  You’ll see it too as you cross over from the Ha’Penny Bridge.  We want everyone to notice it – locals, tourists, workers, shoppers, anyone passing by – and we’d like you to share the message with friends and across your social media using the hashtag #onekindword.

3TS is an independent Suicide Prevention charity which promotes positive mental health and aims to provide useful resources and research to combat Suicide in Ireland.  We also seek to drive debate around the topic but most importantly, we are convinced that by equipping the general public with the right information on suicide prevention via our 3ts 3 Steps Programme and SafeTALK that we can make a difference. All of those prevention techniques do start with one kind word & a willing regard for others, which is what makes this campaign so fitting – aiming to include even one kind word a day in everyone’s life – that has to amount to something great.

We think Will has managed to communicate this quality of kindness through his artwork and we hope that it can serve as some form of inspiration to others.  So start the conversation today. #onekindword

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