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Mental Wellness

Here’s some Tips to improve your mental wellness

We can all feel a little out of balance at times, here are some tips to get things back on the right track again.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind! Taking care of your physical body can improve your mental health.  We all know we have to do it, so make a decision to improve your physical health.

  • Water – the first step is an easy one – drink plenty of water.  Keeping hydrated is vital for our bodies and that includes our brains.
  • Healthy Eating – the second is to eat nutritious meals.  That can be as simple or as complicated as you make it yourself, but taking your five a day of veg & fruit is a good start.
  • Exercise is also beneficial as it lifts mood through the secretion of happy hormones called endorphins.  Exercise can be as simple as walking, getting your 10,000 steps in daily or it can be taking up a new sport or going to the gym (and actually going…).
  • Sleep – sleep is important.  It’s time for the body to rest and regenerate, equipping us to deal with the day ahead.
  • Avoid – excessive alcohol intake, too much junk food and sugar (can negatively impact mood) and smoking.

Surround yourself with good people – having a support network of caring, kind friends and family is vital when it comes to staying mentally well. These people can help us up when we’re down, can go on adventures with us and even help us get a different perspective. If you are struggling to find supportive people in your friend circle, it might be time to expand. Try new hobbies – sports, social, even a book club., where you can meet people who have a similar interest and watch the friendship blossom!  Volunteering is another good way to make new friends.

Value yourself – make time for hobbies and seeing friends, but also make time to relax and spend time doing things that make you smile. Be kind to yourself and don’t be too self critical. Having a negative or overly critical view of yourself lowers your self esteem and can damage your mental health. Take the time to quieten your mind and maybe practice some mindfulness.

Learn to deal with stress – stress can be a cause of mental health struggles so it’s a good idea to learn to de-stress. Deal with stressors as they occur and try not to control what can’t be controlled. Exercise can help with stress levels as can having good coping skills, like setting realistic and achievable goals. Time management is really helpful when you’re stressed as well as prioritising tasks that need to be completed within a certain time frame. It’s important to make time for fun when you’re stressed too, as this makes stress feel more manageable.

Positive thoughts, positive talks – thinking positively can help your mood, but sometimes this can be difficult. Another way of helping stay positive is to have a more positive inner voice. Try not to compare yourself to others or be negative towards yourself. It can be beneficial to practice the attitude of gratitude. This just mean appreciating the small things in life like a nice cup of coffee, meeting up with friends or even no traffic on the way somewhere!

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take that first step to mental wellness.