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Coping with Loneliness at Christmas

Most of us experience feelings of loneliness at some point in our lives. These feelings can get exasperated at Christmas time.

Relationship breakdown, family conflict, and bereavement can make this time of year dismal. 

Here are some suggestions for coping with loneliness at Christmas:

  • Have a plan. Don’t be alone by default because you didn’t have a plan in place. The plan could be anything – cleaning your home, taking a long walk, reading a book, watching a movie, pampering yourself, doing a clear out of unwanted things to give to charity.
  • Speaking of charity, why not spend the day volunteering. Christmas is a great time to volunteer and give back. It’ll be sure to get you into the festive spirit and help those in need along the way.
  • Do something different. Could you go travelling instead of staying at home? Or treat yourself to a nice hotel stay and get pampered by the staff.
  • Spend time with friends instead of family. Or with people who don’t celebrate Christmas, immerse yourself in their traditions or non-traditions.
  • Agree to have a phone call at a specific time of the day. If you are away from family and friends agree to have a call to chat with everyone and be part of the fun for a while.
  • Arrange second Christmas. This can be a day where all the family or friends get together to celebrate Christmas day if you can’t be there on December 25th. It doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, just full of fun and festivities!
  • Don’t exclude yourself. Try not to give into feelings of isolation, especially if you are living somewhere new – push yourself to go out and attend holiday parties and gatherings. Or at least walk around and look at the lights and soak up the festive cheer in your new area.
  • Stay connected. Having no family or friends nearby or have lost touch over the years, this can be a source of loneliness. Why not get in touch, even if it’s been a long time. There’s loads of ways to contact them – by phone, write a letter or send an email. Sometimes its better not wait for others to get in touch, even though they might be missing you too.