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Let’s have a cuppa – and talk!

How many times have you heard the words

‘Ah you’ll be alright; have a Cup of Tea and you’ll be okay’?

We then pretend that everything is ok when really it’s not.  When I went through a tough time in my own life recently, I started thinking about using this everyday occurrence, this short amount of time, over a cuppa, to check in with family and friends and to see how things are in their lives.

I believe that what we should be saying to friends and family is:

‘Let’s have a Cup of Tea and Talk About It’.

My aim is to highlight this simple idea through social media and so, I’ve set up a Facebook Fundraiser to raise €5000 for 3Ts.


I moved to England when I was 21 years old and somehow always felt I had to prove to my family and friends at home that I was doing well for myself and that life was good in England.

But I was the one putting pressure on myself. I was the one getting into financial struggles, yet I wasn’t telling anyone at home about it.  I was the one who needed someone to talk to and yet I didn’t know how to start the conversation.

Christmas 2014 was a turning point for me. I had a moment where I thought I could end all the financial pain I was putting myself through.

A year or 2 before I had raised €7000 for 3Ts doing long distance running and holding fundraising events in my home town in Co Monaghan and it occurred to me how this would look.  An Irish girl living abroad ends her life having raised so much money for a suicide prevention charity.  I had visions of what the newspapers would say. Imagine?

So, somehow, I talked myself into just going to bed and to finding a solution. 3Ts indirectly saved me that night.

Now roll on 4 years and I am so much happier.  I’ve since resolved my financial difficulties, not a pleasant experience, but a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt I could get on with the rest of my life.

It made me think of this idea about the Cup of Tea, how little time it takes yet I feel we are sometimes too busy for friends and family.

We ask people how are they, but do we actually listen to their answer? Speaking from my own personal experience, there were many of times where I could have talked but we all seem to be in such a hurry.

I know now the clues I was giving at the time; the moments where I paused but my silence wasn’t heard and the times where I was the funny person yet inside I was in tears.

So, I’d ask you to ask someone how they are, offer a cup of tea and sit back and listen.

You’ll be amazed how this simple gesture could just help someone and make a big difference to their lives.



Regina O’Reilly

Long-time 3Ts supporter and Fundraiser

Fundraising also for Bowel Cancer UK

Marathon Runner

And not forgetting Olympic Torch Bearer

Nottingham UK