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Staying Connected: Kindness is Free

Continue the Conversation: Stay Kind

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life.  By now, we’ve all spent an extended period living with restrictions on our everyday lives and with uncertainty for the future. But the pandemic has also highlighted the importance of pulling together, of showing consideration for others and the value of kindness in our daily lives.

Kindness is Key

Consideration for others is key in controlling spread of the coronavirus. And so, kindness has become a by-word for these strange times.  One Kind Word can make a big difference, both to someone else and to ourselves.


In keeping with our One Kind Word campaign (#onekindword) our video concentrates on the enduring power of kindness and the intrinsic positive mental health benefits that being kind brings – both to ourselves and to others.

Kind Intentions

Times are tough right now for all of us.  Whilst it may seem that so many things are outside of our control, we always hold the decision to be kind, even when the odds seem stacked against us. It is perfectly normal to feel sad, angry or even hopeless at the moment. And it’s important to allow ourselves this.  Committing to an intention to be kind can be very powerful.

“I intend to be kind”

This simple thought can offset a lot of internal negativity without demanding too much out of ourselves at the moment.  It is in itself a valuable act of kindness to ourselves, and one which we shouldn’t underestimate.Kindness

Make a positive impact

3Ts believe that kindness is contagious and that One Kind Word lends itself to One Kind Deed.  It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, far from it.  Small everyday words or acts of kindness have the power to grow into something much bigger, to have a greater impact than we might think at the time.  We all have an opportunity now to make a positive contribution within our communities and our immediate circles of family, friends and neighbours.

Kind words are free, let’s use them liberally.


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