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What gets you through Tough Times? 3Ts Video Series in collaboration with Food for Thought

What do you use to lift your mood or maintain balance in your life? 

We all have something we can draw on. It may be a passion for fitness – running or cycling etc.  Perhaps it’s a creative outlet or a love of cooking.  Or it may simply be socialising with friends and maintaining friendships through a shared interest.  Whatever it is, it’s good to look for it and recognise the positive impact it has on our lives.  

During 2018, the Food for Thought (#FFTx) team worked with 3Ts, raising awareness and funding for mental health & suicide prevention in Ireland through a series of pop-up fine dining events.  With a stellar line-up of chefs, the team have been bringing people together for a unique dining experience and to open up conversations surrounding mental health and suicide.  At 3Ts, we were struck by their personal stories so we thought we would share them with you.  Our positive mental health videos with the #FFTx team aim to explore how different people get through tough times in life and how they maintain a mental healthy balance. 

The 3Ts series of positive mental health videos features #FFTx team Daniel Hannigan, Catarina Leone and Cameron Higgs.  These are three friends, each very different, all with very different motivations and interests.  Yet they all use their passion, interests and hobbies to help maintain positive mental health and balance in their lives.  Here they each share their unique motivations in the hope of inspiring you to take stock of what improves your mood!

Food for Thought Team

Join chef Daniel on his culinary journey as he speaks about food, what it means to him and his inspiration for creating the Food for Thought movement.

Kate shares why creativity is important to her; how it helps her to step out of a busy life to see the bigger picture.

Personal trainer, Cameron, focuses on his key passion – fitness.  Here he shares how it has helped him personally get through tough times and expands on how working on physical health can really benefit mood and overall mental health.   


Chef Dan on Food & Friendship


Fitness Trainer Cameron on benefits of physical fitness & activity


Kate finds creativity brings balance to a hectic life


So take a look at our videos, then consider what it is in your life that gives you a lift when you’re feeling flat or low; what helps you through tough times; and use it to your advantage.  

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To learn more about the next Food for Thought Pop-Up Fine-Dining Event here, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.