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Bereavement & Loss during COVID-19

If you have lost a loved one during this time, our sincere condolences to you.  It’s tough to mourn the loss of a loved one at any time.  But bereavement & loss during the COVID-19 pandemic throws up a whole new set of challenges over and above the usual grieving process. The unique circumstances of these unprecedented times all add to the pain we experience following the loss of a loved one. 

You may not have been allowed to be with your loved one during their last moments or to say goodbye.  You will likely have had to comply to restrictions around the funeral and burial / cremation. Until this pandemic has passed, you are not permitted to hold a wake or a big funeral to celebrate their life with friends and family.  You are denied the very rituals which so often are a comfort to the bereaved in the immediate aftermath.  And you may have to children or teenagers to help through the grieving process too, while you try to manage your own grief. 

You may be reading this because a neighbour or friend may have lost a loved one and you would like to help support them through this time. 

Sadly, bereavement and loss during COVID-19 is uncharted territory for us all. The restrictions we must follow are in place for good reason, for the common good, but they can really add to the pain families and loved ones are experiencing in the aftermath of a death during this time. 

Irish Government Guide for the Bereaved:

A new guide has been produced by the Irish Government to help the bereaved with clear advice on practicalities like making funeral arrangements & on dealing with grief in these extraordinary times. The guide covers the period from the time a death occurs up to the burial or cremation. In particular, it outlines the changes that have become necessary to what are often fundamental and time honoured rituals and processes associated with marking the passing of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Download A Guide for the Bereaved 

Irish Hospice Foundation Resources:

The Irish Hospice Foundation have pulled together some very useful information and advice on bereavement & loss during COVID-19: 


For further information from the Irish Hospice Foundation see here.

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