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Kickstart 2021 with 3Ts 30-Day Mental Health Challenge

Consider kicking off 2021 with 3Ts 30-Day Mental Health Challenge.  Try to do something positive for your mental wellbeing everyday.

As we start the new year in lockdown, this simple idea could make a very positive difference to how you face into 2021.  Often we kick off a new year setting out to achieve physical and tangible goals.  We set ourselves challenges like Dry January, Couch to 5k, giving up ciggies etc.  But often we forget to prioritise our mental health, to take steps to protect our mental wellness and our resilience.

Use our 30 day challenge as a guide – but you can mix it up or pick your favourites. You do whatever works for you.  You’ll probably find that combining some physical goals can help you achieve this.  Simple things like going for a walk can have a surprisingly positive effect on your mood. 

Throughout January, we will post daily suggestions on our social media with tips and ideas on areas that you can focus on.

We’re asking you to follow this challenge for January. It’s simple but we promise you, it will be worthwhile.

Learn more about Setting Smart Goals in our Blog Post here or check in regularly with our social media pages on the links below.