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3TS Blog

  • Inspirational poem

    Poetry Day Ireland: Inspirational Poetry

    When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all uphill... Read more of Edgar A Guest's inspirational poem about resilience

  • Managing Stress

    Feeling stressed? Stress can become overwhelming & impact on everyday life. There are steps you can take to manage stress and make life a little easier on yourself. We explore these on our blog along with useful video and self help guide resources.

  • Social Anxiety: how to lower stress in social situations

    Happy days! Covid restrictions are easing in Ireland and at last we can get back to more socially connected lives. Having lived through almost 2 years of distancing, even the most socially adept individuals may be surprised to find their ...more

  • How to Respond to Suicidal Posts on Social Media

    Reacting to a social media post can help save a life If you saw a social media post suggesting thoughts of suicide or self harm, would you know how to respond?  What if it was posted by someone you don’t ...more

  • Winter blues

    Feeling SAD: How to Beat Winter Blues

    During Winter, it's not unsusual to experience a dip in mood. But when that extends over a prolonged period, it may be depression or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Here we explore steps you can take to manage your mood during the Winter months.

  • Active Listening is a Superpower

      Listening to a friend in Crisis or under Stress When someone is distressed, one of the most powerful things you can do is help them talk through their problems & feelings. Key to this is to encourage them to talk ...more

  • Social Media & Teens

    This month, 3Ts were joined in the office by two young transition year students who were keen to volunteer and help out behind the scenes of a charity.  We asked them what mental health issues are most prevalent amongst teens ...more

  • Putting men in MENtal health

    Mens Health Week 2021 For many men, talking about mental health can feel unnatural. Who can I trust? When is a good time to bring it up? How much should I say? What if they think I am weak?  Mens ...more

  • How to look after yourself while supporting someone

    Many of us will find ourselves supporting someone close to us with a mental health condition at some point. Being a caregiver or a support person, you may feel the need to be emotionally strong all the time. The problem ...more

  • 4 unexpected emotional challenges as lockdown eases

    (and how to deal with them) Despite feeling hopeful and happy to see lockdown restrictions lift, these changes can also cause stress and anxiety due to re-adjustment and the unknown. Regardless of how you view the easing of lockdown, it ...more