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3TS Blog

  • Lockdown Life: it’s a challenge not a competition

    ‘I don’t look like this anymore. This pic was taken almost ten years ago. But I like this photo so I’m going with it. A more recent photo would show me in pyjamas with a lot more “Arctic blonde”, a ...more

  • Suicide Myths: Focus on Suicide Facts

    Here we'll look at some of the more common misconceptions around suicide and focus on the facts, what's really happening and what we can all do to help. 

  • Kickstart 2021 with 3Ts 30-Day Mental Health Challenge

    Consider kicking off 2021 with 3Ts 30-Day Mental Health Challenge.  Try to do something positive for your mental wellbeing everyday. As we start the new year in lockdown, this simple idea could make a very positive difference to how you ...more

  • Take the 3Ts Challenge: make January count

    3Ts have teamed up with iDonate for a challenge to help boost your mental wellness and raise money for 3Ts suicide prevention. Whether you aim 10,000 Steps for 3Ts, or fancy a different challenge, whatever suits you is what will work.

  • Missing Family? 5 Steps to survive homesickness this Covid Christmas.

    Can’t See Family this Covid Christmas? We explore steps to help see you through the holiday period away from home. During the coronavirus pandemic, many people across the globe have experienced the extremes of distance and separation from loved ones. ...more

  • Mental Health Issues: Know the Signs – Know your Supports

    November 2020 Just as we were learning to live with the virus, Ireland’s recent spike in Covid 19 cases has led to Level 5 restrictions. And whilst we may be more accustomed to life in lockdown, bereavement, loneliness, isolation, loss ...more

  • Winter blues

    Feeling SAD: How to Beat Winter Blues

    It’s that time of the year again. The clocks have gone back.  The days are shorter and the weather is getting colder. Feeling less than enthused about the colder, darker nights is common. But for some experiencing continuous low moods ...more

  • Words Matter: Mental Health and Stigma

    October is Green Ribbon Month.  The focus of the Green Ribbon Campaign 2020 is to raise awareness around mental health stigma and discrimination. Despite progress made over the past decade, stigma surrounding mental illness still exists within our communities.  This ...more

  • Cancelled by COVID –19: managing disappointment in a pandemic

    When our lives are upended due to Coronavirus, how can we manage feelings of disappointment or stress? For practical tips, read 3Ts Blog

  • Managing Social Anxiety post-lockdown

    August 2020 In this month’s blog, we’re taking a look at social anxiety and how to manage it as life returns to “new normal”. Whether it’s something you’ve lived with forever or a feeling new to you, there are steps ...more