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3TS Blog

  • Putting men in MENtal health

    Mens Health Week 2021 For many men, talking about mental health can feel unnatural. Who can I trust? When is a good time to bring it up? How much should I say? What if they think I am weak?  Mens ...more

  • How to look after yourself while supporting someone

    Many of us will find ourselves supporting someone close to us with a mental health condition at some point. Being a caregiver or a support person, you may feel the need to be emotionally strong all the time. The problem ...more

  • 4 unexpected emotional challenges as lockdown eases

    (and how to deal with them) Despite feeling hopeful and happy to see lockdown restrictions lift, these changes can also cause stress and anxiety due to re-adjustment and the unknown. Regardless of how you view the easing of lockdown, it ...more

  • My friend told me they want to die. What should I do?

    What to do when a friend is feeling suicidal You’re having an overdue catch-up with your friend. During the conversation, they admit they’ve thought about killing themselves. It may have come out as a remark in passing or it may ...more

  • 5 ways social media might affect your mental health

    Social media is still a relatively new technology.  So, it’s early days for research into the long-term consequences of its use.  However,  studies have found a strong link between it and increased risk of depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even ...more

  • Summer foods: 12 ways to boost post-lockdown health & wellbeing

    Summer is here at last! Following the most challenging winter in recent history, at last we can enjoy the benefits of longer days and lighter summer foods. In Ireland, we’re gently easing out of a very long lockdown and as ...more

  • Lockdown Life: it’s a challenge not a competition

    ‘I don’t look like this anymore. This pic was taken almost ten years ago. But I like this photo so I’m going with it. A more recent photo would show me in pyjamas with a lot more “Arctic blonde”, a ...more

  • Suicide Myths: Focus on Suicide Facts

    Here we'll look at some of the more common misconceptions around suicide and focus on the facts, what's really happening and what we can all do to help. 

  • Kickstart 2021 with 3Ts 30-Day Mental Health Challenge

    Consider kicking off 2021 with 3Ts 30-Day Mental Health Challenge.  Try to do something positive for your mental wellbeing everyday. As we start the new year in lockdown, this simple idea could make a very positive difference to how you ...more

  • Take the 3Ts Challenge: make January count

    3Ts have teamed up with iDonate for a challenge to help boost your mental wellness and raise money for 3Ts suicide prevention. Whether you aim 10,000 Steps for 3Ts, or fancy a different challenge, whatever suits you is what will work.