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3Ts Call for a Suicide Prevention Authority

Ask your TD for Support

While the government makes promises, two people die by suicide each day

Two people die by Suicide in Ireland every day.

In fact, three times more die by suicide than die on our roads, yet over ten times more is spent on road safety than on suicide prevention. The reality for many in crisis is a lack of services when most needed.

3Ts has called on successive governments to tackle the issue of Suicide in Ireland and believes that only a Suicide Prevention Authority similar in structure to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) can deliver an effective solution. We are asking you to support our call for a Suicide Prevention Authority.

Three times more people die by suicide than on our roadsWhy a Suicide Prevention Authority?

The RSA identified shortcomings and drove a cultural shift in attitudes to road safety in Ireland, from seat belts to drink driving, infrastructural development to regulatory changes. We need a similar cultural shift on the issue of self harm & suicide. A Suicide Prevention Authority could drive & co-ordinate this, through education, infrastructure, technology, licencing & regulation, finance and beyond. Learn more about what a Suicide Authority would do. 

Watch our short video to find out more

How can YOU help?

3Ts have prepared a Suicide Prevention Authority Bill and we need politicians to support this. We are asking you to contact your TDs to ask them to support this position.

Simply select the TD/s for your constituency and you can send them our email which outlines clearly why they should support our call for a Suicide Prevention Authority.

Suicide is our biggest killer of young people. It affects all ages & demographics in every community. We need your help to Turn the Tide of Suicide.

Suicide Prevention Authority Draft Bill & Explanatory Memorandum


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