3Ts Call for Suicide Authority

3Ts call for a Suicide Prevention Authority

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3Ts continues to call on Government to establish a Suicide Prevention Authority to tackle the issue of Suicide in Ireland.

3 times more people die by suicide than die on our roads. For 15 years, 3Ts has been calling for improved Suicide Prevention Resources in Ireland.  3Ts chairman, Noel Smyth, first suggested a Suicide Prevention Authority as far back as 2008,  and in 2012 the charity launched a focused campaign to mobilise public opinion in support of a Suicide Prevention Authority similar in model to the Road Safety Authority.  Since then, the campaign and the concept of a Suicide  Authority has gained considerable following both on social media and in the press and through petition signatures.  There is now a consensus among many of the groups and organisations working in suicide prevention that such an Authority is what is required to properly address this issue.

With more high profile coverage of Suicide in the media, Suicide is very much is the spotlight now, more so than ever.  Countless families in Ireland have had their lives torn apart by suicide, the deaths of their loved ones largely unreported, but the devastating effects on their families, friends and their wider community, no less impactful and long-lasting.

3Ts believes the formation of a Suicide Prevention Authority will offer a real opportunity to provide the adequate funding, resources and attention required to help reduce deaths by suicide in Ireland.

We have called on successive Governments to establish a dedicated Suicide Prevention Authority but we need your help to be heard.

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