Last Video in the Series Examines Ways to Approach the Topic of Mental Health with a Friend or Family Member.

The last video in our current series of collaborative mental health videos with YouTuber James Mitchell is on the 3TS 3STEPS to Better Mental Health and how to broach the subject of a mental health issue, either for yourself or for another person, in a safe & helpful manner.   

3TS’ Mental Health Co-Ordinator & Psychotherapist Clare O’Brien discusses how we should be speaking more about mental health in Ireland.  Clare tells us that whilst 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem, as a nation, we’re still not very good at talking about it.  She cites stigma or embarrassment as just some of the reasons that hold people back from discussing their own or someone else’s mental health.  James Mitchell is back to ask questions and to discuss Mental Health in a laid back, no nonsense fashion. 

Expanding on the 3Ts 3STEPS – Know the Signs, Know the Words, Know your Supports – Clare also urges us to consider 3 things IF we feel that someone close to us is experiencing a mental health issue 1) What we see 2) What we hear and 3) What we think or know.  She then explores ways to approach the topic and finally how to access specialist supports or crisis help. 

If you are worried about someone close to you, but are unsure about how to start a conversation about their mental health and your concerns; then this video could be a good place to start.

Only 5-7 mins in duration, each video encourages the viewer to watch whilst enjoying a cup of tea; allowing them enough time to learn more about possible coping techniques and general topic specific information in a calm and friendly environment. 

The full range of T-Time videos can be viewed on James’ Tube channel and also on www.3ts.ie  They include videos devoted to the following topics Low Mood & Depression; Anxiety & Panic; Stress; Self Harm and 3STEPS to Mental Health.

Further information, coping techniques and resources for help on all of these topics and more is available by visiting our Self Help Library.