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Suicide is a final act taken when someone feels they have no other choices open to them in life.  However, Suicide is preventable.  There is always help available.   Yet deaths by suicide in Ireland have increased dramatically in the past 10 years.  Official figures for 2011 indicate 525 deaths by suicide, with the true figure likely to be in excess of 600 or even 700, once undetermined & other deaths believed to be suicides are considered.  In the first 2 weeks of 2012 alone, 30 deaths by suicide were reported in Irish media – over two suicides each day.

2  Suicide  Deaths  everyday  in  Ireland

but  Suicide  is  preventable


Suicide organisations indicate that this increase in suicides is continuing, with devastating effect on families & communities throughout Ireland. And yet, Suicide is preventable.  Help & Support is available.

Self Harm

Roughly 12, 000 incidents of self harm were recorded in 2012, relating to approx 10,000 individuals.  However, these are only the cases who presented within our health service.  The hidden figure for self harm is estimated to be 60,000 incidents per year.  There are various methods & types of self injury, with many individuals engaging in highly lethal acts with a  high risk of subsequent suicide, while using less lethal methods may be at high risk of non-fatal repetition.  In all cases, self-harm should be taken seriously.

Self-Harm by Hanging

700 incidents recorded in Ireland in 2012


International research indicates a significant association between self harm & suicide among both adults & young people.

  • What Causes someone to feel Suicidal or to engage in Self-Harm?
  • Where does someone in Suicidal Crisis turn to?
  • What can you do if you are in Crisis or worried about a loved one?
  • What practical steps can you take?


Help & support is available for those engaging in this behaviour and for families & loved ones.  But just where do you go to seek help?  Learn more.

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